We manufacture products exclusively from clay and mineral sands. We achieve a diverse colour scale of bricks by mixing clay and sand, and mainly by firing.

Bricks are fired at 1100 - 1200 °C and we don't add any artificial colouring.

We produce tile strips by cutting whole bricks and we have a daily consumption of 500-1000 m³ water for cooling the cutting machines and for perfectly cleaning the bricks.

We protect natural resources and, therefore, we've used water treatment equipment for filtering utility water for ten years. Since 2014, we've used the latest water treatment equipment for utility water in Central Europe, with a capacity of 150 m³/hr.

We recycle used water and we don't use more clean water per day than one small household.

After filtration, we even use residual brick dust under pavements and roads.

Protecting the environment is our priority!