Why Rustique bricks?

100% natural products

Our bricks consist of natural materials like wather, sand and clay.

All-inclusive service

We are here for you during the whole project, from surveying to mounting you have all services under one roof.

Brick-shopping ONLINE

Buying bricks does not have to be difficult! Save your time and order bricks online 24/7 from home and we deliver you the goods there where you will need it.

Options to return the remaining quantities of bricks

Should the remaining and unnecessary amount of bricks stay unopened and intact upon finishing your construction, you are free to redeliver and we’ll be happy to reimburse you at buying price.

We possess European CE certificate both for whole piece and sliced bricks.

(Facing bricks and pavers) 

We provide 40 years of guarantee for all our products, including whole piece and sliced bricks as well.

(Facing bricks and pavers)

Unparalleled delivery periods

We have 150 shades of whole bricks and 10 types of brick tiles in stock. We're able to cut brick tile strips up to 50m² for you within 24 hours. In the season, the delivery period is 2-4 working days. We're able to import and cut bricks or tile strips not currently in stock but available in The Netherlands within 8 working days.

We cut strips from whole bricks

Tile strips cut from bricks fired at high temperatures are sufficiently thick that they allow thorough grouting and an incomparably better structure and colour.

We cooperate with professionals

Our colleagues are specialists with many years of experience specialising in working with bricks. Their precise work is a guarantee of a beautiful, but mainly a good quality and functional façade.

We create 2D and 3D visualisations

For better visualisation, we prepare 3D or 2D designs. For small projects such as designs for fences, exterior tiling or paving, we give you advice and provide designs and drafts.

We've got the largest showroom in Central Europe

In our showroom, we have over 200 types of facing tile strips on large display panels, grouted with three types of grout. As an example, we built brick fences using brick tiles and fences using brick strips. You'll find more than 100 types of brick paving harmonised with decorative greenery.

We'll store your goods for up to 6 months

We can store materials for you free of charge until you need them.

We don't have a minimum purchase

The minimum amount you can purchase from us is 1 piece.