About Us

We are a family company that laid down the basic "brick" of RUSTIQUE in 2001 and that has been building on family foundations ever since. This company of a few employees has gradually developed into a team of twenty people for whom bricks are more than just an ecological material with first-class properties. 

We specialize in the production of 100% natural brick tiles, which we cut from hand-formed Dutch, Belgian and German bricks. Our maintenance-free brick paver, which lasts for generations, also comes from the most reputable factories in these three countries.

We love bricks and we live with them, they are our passion. We believe that with each implementation we can provide this feeling to you – to your abode/home, a place that is your refuge and oasis of peace.

About Us Rustique team

What do we do (for you)?

For twenty years, we have been dedicated to creating more beautiful and cozy homes that bear the hallmarks of sustainability. We professionally provide not only the production of brick tiles, but also the implementation of façades and custom interiors, as well as various architectural elements made of whole bricks, such as fences, retaining walls or raised garden boxes. 

Modern, industrial, rustic, Provençal and traditional designs are at home in our hands. We provide complete service, which includes technical advice, free samples, construction orientation, 3D visualization and installation. We will store the material for you free of charge until the implementation date and take back the remaining material within the reserve. 

Entrust us with your ideas and we will turn them into reality!

Our mission

We fulfil the idea of maintenance-free and stylish living.  

Façades and customized interiors are our biggest challenge, which thanks to our eco-friendly material will gain added value. 

We are constantly monitoring the development of brick colors, their processing and new trends in architecture and interior design. We like to innovate and work on expanding our offer so that everyone can find "their brick." 

We approach each implementation responsibly and with the highest professionalism. Bricks are our world.

4423 Satisfied clients
2546 Successful projects
10 M Hand-made bricks
22 Enthusiastic colleagues
Ing. Zoltán Fekete
Ing. Zoltán Fekete

It doesn't matter if it's a big or small project, every implementation is important to me. It’s always a challenge giving my maximum experience and attention to together with my team.


Clay, mineral sands and water – these are the 100% natural materials from which our bricks come. You will not find any artificial colors, additives or other "extras" here. 

We use recycled boxes for packaging. We also reuse the water from the production process and, after filtering it, we use the residual dust generated under pavements and roads. 

We are saving the planet and in the production process we strive to do everything we can in a sustainable way.

Be inspired by our Rustique 2020 catalogue


Be inspired by our Rustique catalogue

Be inspired! Download the catalogue!

Every year we are happy and enthusiastic about preparing a new RUSTIQUE catalogue for you. We make sure to ride the latest trends. It's important to us to bring what’s in fashion to your homes through brick. Our catalogues are extensive and full of inspiring variations for every brick lover to choose from. Join our excitement!