Possibility of returning goods within the reserve

The calculation of the required material may not always be 100% accurate, so we recommend adding a 7-10% reserve. It is better to have more material than less, you never know what will happen during the implementation and it is always better to be prepared for deviations or unexpected events – a brick breaking during cutting or the human factor.



If you are left with unused material – unopened and undamaged packages that you no longer need – you can return them to us and we will refund your money. It’s better to return the goods than have them missing when you are using them, don't you agree? :)

Meet with us!

We are at your disposal at our showroom in Bratislava at 42 Svornosti Street or in our newly opened showroom in Košice. 

Why visit us? Besides the fact that we make great coffee and serve it with a biscuit :), you can see all the bricks live at our place. We will provide you with brick samples according to your preferences, calculate the necessary data and discuss all the details of the project with you. 

Can't make it? "Book" us! Your needs will also be addressed on the following: WhatsApp, Messenger, FaceTime or Skype.

At our place

Small or big implementation? The "size" of the project is not a priority for us. Conscientiously, we will also deal with fireplace cladding, wall construction, wall cladding or ventilated façade. 

Invite us to your home for coffee, we will come equipped with samples, catalogues and focus on the details of your new home. We are happy to take on smaller and larger projects, they are a challenge for us, the essence of which is to turn your idea into reality.

 We will turn your dwelling into a real home, just put your brick-related ideas in our hands!

At your place

Clients satisfied with our service

Ing. Arch. Sisa Brna
Ing. Arch. Sisa Brna

When creating an apartment in the spirit of an industrial loft, bricks are an essential part of the design. Rustique’s bricks are beautiful, natural, not cast concrete nor any other artificial substitute. Each brick is unique and the material it is  made of gives the apartment an incredible atmosphere.

In our studio we use bricks quite often – on the facades of houses, buildings or in the interior. We have been cooperating with Rustique already for a long time. It’s not just the beautiful showroom, presentation catalogues and the good website, but first and foremost the quality materials, the professional approach, excellent service and Rustique has mastered this to the hilt.

I’mvery very satisfied with you and wish you many pleasant clients, and I believe that whoever chooses brick from you will not regret it.

Be inspired by our Rustique 2020 catalogue


Be inspired by our Rustique catalogue

Be inspired! Download the catalogue!

Every year we are happy and enthusiastic about preparing a new RUSTIQUE catalogue for you. We make sure to ride the latest trends. It's important to us to bring what’s in fashion to your homes through brick. Our catalogues are extensive and full of inspiring variations for every brick lover to choose from. Join our excitement!