Previously, bricks were made 100% by hand. Nowadays, the majority of brickworks (with a few exceptions) in The Netherlands, Belgium and in Great Britain produce bricks on fully automatedproduction lines. The bricks are fired in special 100 m to 200 m long, computer-controlled furnaces. After firing, they are mixed and palletised by manipulators and robots. The entire production processes takes 9 to 12 days. Modern technology allows us to repeatedly achieve a similar structure and shades in the required quality. Despite the modernisation of production, each brick is unique. If you find two bricks which are identical in terms of colour and structure, we'll give you the façade tiling for your whole house free of charge! The best clay and sand, and firing at high temperatures, guarantee that the bricks are:
FROST RESISTANT - suitable for the most hostile weather conditions
COLOUR FAST - 100 % natural components guarantee natural and warm brick colours, unlike some imitationsusing artificial pigments (colors)


This technology originates from the last century. A significant difference between manual and machine production of bricks is that in manual production, the clay falls into a mould and is pressed manually, whilst in machine production the brick is extruded from a press. Machine-made bricks have a completely smooth surface or are less porous. This porosity sometimes appears artificial and unnatural. Absorbability is between 2 to 6%.

Water struck

The brick molding process unique to New England is called Water-struck. In this process, very high moisture content surface alluvial clay is pressed into molds. Water is the lubricant used to release the wet clay from the hardwood molds.

The resultant troweling of the wet clay by the wet hardwood mold box as the wet bricks slide out leaves behind a textural patina after firing that has never quite been duplicated by any other brick makingprocess.


Brick produced by molding relatively wet clay (20 to 30% moisture), often by hand; if the inside of the mold is sanded to prevent sticking of clay, the product is sand-struck brick; 


Everything is possible in glazed bricks! Take inspiration from the coloured completely glazed bricks of Rustique, which are designed to fit in with traditional facades and modern architecture. And everything in between.
The result is always the same: a high-crack resistant, completely coloured, scratch-free, colour-fast, top quality glazed brick!

Glazed, machine-made bricks are the norm, but it is also possible to glaze hand-shaped bricks. Glazed bricks are produced in by a family business in The Netherland. We do glazing in almost all RAL colours to order.