This technology originates from the last century. A significant difference between manual and machine production of bricks is that in manual production, the clay falls into a mould and is pressed manually, whilst in machine production the brick is extruded from a press. Machine-made bricks have a completely smooth surface or are less porous. This porosity sometimes appears artificial and unnatural. Absorbability is between 2 to 6%.

Extruded with chamfers

Všetky extrudované dlažby sú dostupné aj v rustikálnejších povrchových úpravách (povrchová úprava Antica).


Moulded/stock pavers are produced by pressing the clay into moulds. Each mould is flipped over after pressing, allowing the brick to drop out of the mould. It is then ready for drying. After drying, the pavers go into the kiln.

The moulded/stock clay paver is the most commonly used clay paver in the Netherlands and has a very authentic look. The paver is characterised by its sturdy form, and in contrast with wirecut pavers it isless smooth and more natural. Choose the moulded/stockformat that best suits your project.

Formback gerumpelt

All moulded press formats are also available in rusticated finishes (Antica finish).